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Velkristan’s Nirvana

Portland, OR

Glimpses into the Kcymaerxthaere dimension can be found all over the world, from major cities to the mountains of Nepal. Finding a commemorative marker is always in the back of my mind when I travel. The one closest to me is Velkristan’s Nirvana. The plaque reads as follows:

Here on this spot shone the Velkristani paradise, a comfort of sweetness and light not just for those who are gone. Even today the pure of heart can glimpse the Velkri Cane Springs pouring purest sugars from the earth in endless glowing flow, as beloved creatures, human and otherwise (but known only to the witness), are sustained and thrive. To devout Velkristanis, this place was heaven on another earth.

There’s more about Kcymaerxthaere at Adalanta Desert.

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